Byron Athene

Counselling Psychotherapist * Certified Mindset Coach * Clinical Supervisor * Trainer

Helping people achieve inner peace, gain a better understanding of self and maximise potential



  "Byron was extremely clear in his communication. And the way he informed me of what to expect over the course of the sessions, and the aims from those sessions, enabled me to see how the change I am looking for will be achieved.
Also, the guidance and insights he enabled me to see from the first session only boded well for my expectation of how the rest of the sessions were going to go.

Highly recommended."


  "Byron has been helping me with an important issue for the last few months. He prepares every session and adapts his work to my needs. Byron is very patience and warm. He is very professional. I felt listened to; he has great knowledge and helped me to understand the problems I had for a long time.
I love having online meetings, I feel very comfortable, and I find myself less stress when talking about my goals.
Even after just two sessions of the generative mindset programme, I saw massive changes. I am very excited.

Thank you Byron :)"


  "Byron has kicked started me into a more positive outlook in my life. His energy and knowledge combined have been inspiring. His attention to detail is matched by his commitment to action. I would highly recommend Byron for anyone looking for self development and personal growth."

Coaching Packages

The Generative Mindset Program

The growth mindset idea - upgraded.  

Emotions Mastery

You have more control than you may believe. 

The Inner Circle Package

Learn the foundations of coaching and be your own coach.


  "I was looking to get some help on resolving a deep-seated issue. When I started working with Byron, I felt immediately at ease by his gentle and supportive nature. He helped me work through this issue, which naturally led to unveiling other issues. This resulted in huge shifts in my thinking and emotional well-being. He did this in a way that empowered me to become more aware of internal processes enabling me to resolve any issues that may come up in the future myself.

This work was an invaluable personal investment."


  "Byron has made me excited about the possibilities in life again after feeling anxious and a bit stuck in my professional life and my own personal trauma and issues I was experiencing. He raises very thought provoking and evidence based questions and issues and really makes you think - is a bit of fear enough to make me not want to progress forward?! And helps you say NO to that question! Byron is really knowledgable in coaching and psychology and this really shines through during therapy. I’d highly recommend Byron to anybody who wants to get over the barriers that are stopping them from reaching their full potential. I cannot recommend him enough."


  "Working with Byron was great. I found myself looking forward to our sessions. He is well prepared and I felt challenged each time. I learnt a lot about myself in our sessions as well as gaining deeper insight to my thought processes and abilities. Byron was always very empathetic and patient and I felt genuinely supported by him. Since starting therapy with him I have made a lot of progress."


Counselling Specialties

Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT/CBT)

Freedom from unhealthy beliefs that lead to unhealthy negative emotions.

Trauma / Anxiety

Reprocessing traumatic events so they no longer affect the 'now'. 

Couples Counselling

Relationship Issues? Find ways to resolve and reconnect.