My Perspective

Often the biggest obstacle to achieving our goals is ourself. I can work with you to not only resolve this but also increase the chances of you getting more out of your goals once achieved.


I currently have three packages on offer:

Package 1: The Generative Mindset Package - With this we will develop a growth mindset within the context of at least 10 psychological, philosophical areas that will have a significant and positive impact on your experience.

Package 2: The Immediate Inner Circle Package - With this, I will work with you to obtain a goal of your choosing. At the same time, with complete transparency, I teach you the fundamentals of the coaching process so you can become your own coach.

Package 3: The Platinum Package is the best value and combines the two other packages. It will start with the Generative Mindset Package and conclude with the Immediate Inner Circle Package.

If you're interested in starting any of these packages or want more information, please call me on 07873 877761 or send an email to